Daily Life

How Flipboard Made Me a Better Mom

Having a sick kid is hard. Have a sick only child is VERY hard. If you think that an only child need attention, just wait until that kid gets sick, like really sick…like pneumonia sick. 

The very sick and sad Popo.

That’s what Popo recently got and after a long series of circumstances, our support network of grandmothers and aunts temporarily disappeared. We ended up being isolated for almost 10 days. TEN days, home alone with a 2.6 year old = no fun. Eventually we simply turned to the TV for support and ultimately Barney, Barbie and Cinderella transformed me into a cranky, evil step mom.

And then I discovered the wonders of Flipboard.

My Flipboard Screenshot

I had it installed on my Galaxy Note from way before but never really bothered to explore it. I started going through the App and all of a sudden I had recipes, DIYs, art and even entire magazines like Oprah to browse through while my sick babe played with her Pop Onz (Note to parents: must have Pop Onz between ages 1.5 to we’ll see when we decide to give it away!) Initially I found the categories and subcategories way too intimidating but given some time, they actually delivered helpful, informative materials in an extremely easy to read and attractive.

Imagine going back to simple times where you had a basket full of magazines next to your sofa and endless cups of tea in your hand. Bring yourself to feel that incredible sense of calm you experienced when flipping through magazines. That’s exactly how I felt. The result?

I became a relaxed and happy mom with a happy (albeit still very sick) baby.


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