Daily Life

No Return on Investment

Time and time again, parents in Popo’s school tell me how having a second child is the best way to keep the kids occupied while the parents get a little down time. They also keep stressing on how the second child potty trains themselves, eats on their own and are simply more independent because they have elder sibling role models.

So basically how I see it is that parents of 2 or more children get to invest time into their first child knowing their return on investment will extend to the rest of the children. Take for example another family where there are 5 kids with a 12 year gap between the oldest and youngest. The mother puts the youngest 3 to bed, the older 2 do their homework and her hubby and her have a ball of a time party hopping like they had just met.

Sure, all these parents of ‘big’ families have to wait until the youngest one is somewhat independent, or atleast not bumping into walls when they walk. But after the initial work is done, they get the ultimate payback: they have produced their free, more or less trustworthy babysitters.

Now those of us who fall under the Trippy Triangle category, aka one child and two crazy parents must accept that there will be no payback. There will be no return on potty training, on a well dinner-table mannered child and definitely no built in baby sitting system. Everything we do will result in a simple, one time benefit. Sure,eventually you won’t have to buy diapers and if you’re lucky, you’ll have sit-down dinners with the family. But with every new milestone we’ll be starting from scratch. No experience and no resuse of experience gained.

Oh well…back to potty training it is.


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