Artsy Photowall

I never was a ‘display your photos around the house’ kind of person until Popo came into my life. I’m guessing most parents out there with only one child as their single point of focus are just as obsessed with remembering every moment as I am. Now I have photos displayed on 2 walls and 2 bookshelves in our relatively small house so it’s fair to say I love to display photos.

To liven things up a bit, I decided to use Photoshop to add some fun effects to one of my Photowalls. The result (which I love) and links to the tutorials are below.


Photowall with Photoshop Effects

1. My absolute favorite, this one merges 3 photos,
at 1 Month, 12 Months and 24 Months into one collage. There’s a cute flower border below which I extracted from Layout Sparks though usually I prefer getting embellishments from Shabby Princess cause they have the most awesome collection of digital elements ever. I used this tutorial at Entheos for blending the 3 different images into a collage.

2. This effect was way easier than I expected it to be. The Sketch Effect tutorial at Teamphotoshop will guide you with 8 easy steps to convert the photo into a black and white sketch. If you want to take it a step further, then this tutorial at Stock.xchng will show you how to add color back into specific parts of the photo.

3. Again, this effect of converting a photo to black and white and keeping certain parts colored is really easy and extremely gorgeous  I like to keep the color either in Popo and her clothes, stuffed animals or even dishes and sippy cups. The tutorial at has a lot of pages but it’s really very easy.

4. This effect makes your photo look it’s come straight from a comic book. From all the other effects, it’s by far the most difficult because the result depends on the lighting of the photo. I generally felt that a photo which had a clear point of light from the flash gave better results. Play with it using the tutorial provided at Photoshop Support after you’ve become comfortable with some of the more basic effects.

5. This last one, well I won’t get into how it was done because I really can’t remember  There are very few people in Pakistan who do creative baby/toddler photography, so I cheated and used Photoshop to put Popo in an oversized teacup. You’ll either love or hate it.

Once you’re done adding effects to your photos you’ll just need to get them printed or framed. We actually found all the frames at the local flea market – obviously saved us a ton of money and they look fantastic. If you try any of these out makes sure to share your experience!


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