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Book Review: Biscuit by Miranda Gore Browne

I’m always on the lookout for good cookbooks. Granted, I use recipes from online resources as much as from my cookbook collection, but my passion for cookbooks has been instilled by my mom. It’s something that I hope to eventually hand down to my daughter.

Until she’s old enough to read or for that matter, whisk an egg, I look for cookbooks that target cooking WITH children. Not for them, WITH them. And my hubby found a great one:

Book Cover

Biscuit by Miranda Gore Browne

He found this for us at an awesome Old Book store, but you can find Biscuit by Miranda Gore Browne on Amazon.

Now what makes this book so awesome other than the incredible collection of biscuits that make you want to bake all day and have tea and biscuits for dinner? The fact that Ms. Browne uses her childhood experiences to explain why baking is such an important part of a child’s life. She does it so well, it brought tears to my eyes. Take a look at the last part of the introduction before she moves onto the incredible recipes.

Quote from Biscuits

Quote from Biscuits

Along with the beautiful pictures and typeface, there are two main selling points of this book.

1. Chapter 1, is completely dedicated to baking biscuits with kids. As in, recipes just don’t get simpler than this.

Biscuits - Table of Contents

Biscuits – Table of Contents

2. She gives little hints on what to have your kiddo do with you for each recipe in Chapter 1. Take the recipe below for example. What author TELLS you to let your kid make holes in the cookies with their thumb?

Coconut jammy thumbprints

Biscuits which let your kiddo poke holes with their thumbs.

So if you’re a baker, or even if you’re not…this book is a must buy. I obviously love Chapter 1: Biscuits for Beginners but there’s a ton more in there from traditional biscuits, to holiday specials and even healthy recipes. Just keep one thing in mind: All ingredients are presented in grams, so you’ll need a kitchen measuring scale. Trust me, you’ll want to invest in one. The key to baking is accuracy!

Would love to hear some of your favorite baking books. Please do share!


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