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Pheonix Rising – The Return of a Happy Small Family

From a miscarriage, to being diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries, making the decision to adopt to realizing we won’t be able to…I have been disloyal to the concept of an only-child family. The why’s are pretty apparent and beaten to death through the multitude of “Why You Need Siblings” articles. However, a pretty major decision which will be a pivotal point for this small happy family has reinforced that 1. Popo will be an only child, and 2. I’m very comfortable with that fact.

Yes I have nights where I lay awake thinking that one day when both hubby and I are gone from this world she’ll be all alone (I think anyone with an only child goes through this thought repeatedly in life). But truth be told, these nights are not all that often. Usually, I either pass out from an exhausting day with kiddo, stay awake turning my brain to mush in front of the TV or when I’m fully motivated do a bunch of work related projects which continue to amaze me.

The bottom line of our experiences in the last year is that I’m in a comfortable place. And though Popo will grow up without the love and battles of siblings she will grow up healthy and whole. I have every intention of skyrocketing our lives into a better place – one that we could only dream about before. But it will be just the three of us. And that’s more than good enough for me…for us.

The pivotal decision that I mentioned earlier will be shared – all in good time. Until then, I look forward to sharing stories with a new found hope and belief that we’re on the right path for this family.

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc


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