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Summertime Stories – Creating Company for the Only Child

One of the well known challenges that parents of an only child family are all too aware of is keeping the little darling busy. And lets face it – those little darlings can become quite obnoxious (said in the most loving way possible) when they get bored. With Popo going back to school today I look back at summer and feel that for the first time, I just might have this small happening family thing down. We were SO busy that I can’t remember the last time the house felt this quiet. Beyond swimming and vacationing in the all too gorgeous Thailand, I conducted Summertime Stories – a reading group for little darlings.

The thing with Karachi is that there’s so much and nothing to do at the same time. Sure there were loads of summer camps but 1) They were way too expensive and 2) They were 5 days a week. I personally think it’s enough that our culture has children going to school starting at 2 yrs old so I felt that sending her off for the whole week during the summer was just plain unfair. And because I couldn’t find anything else that seemed “perfect enough” (yes, I obsess about what she’s going to do – because I can) I decided to create our own little reading heaven.

It really was quite easy to do thanks to the social circle that Popo has from school. Because there are very little reading activities in Karachi the response was WAY better than I could have ever hoped for. It did take a little more preparation time than I had thought it would, but that was just one bit of the learning. Other things that I personally took away from this adventure were:

1. If you don’t remind people – they won’t come

2. Reminding people adds to the overhead costs because not everyone’s on WhatsApp and thus SMS’s prevailed

3. Can’t put snacks on a tray in front of little munchkins and expect them to stay seated on their cushions

4. Be prepared for at least 1 totally not behaved child who will be jumping on the sofas

5. Be prepared for parent to be upset when you scold child jumping on the sofa

6. Above all else, I came to the following most important realization:

It’s okay for her not to have siblings – I just have to work harder to make sure she’s got company her own age. 

And work harder we all do. For one thing or another, we all have our challenges to overcome.

Some shots from all the fun we had. Good bye summer – hello school year. We’re gonna have a blast.


Summertime Stories

Summertime Stories – Crafts, Stories and Kids


Featrued Image Credit: Enokson via Compfight cc


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