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Re-Braided Braids, Buttered Uniforms and Guitar Picks

Have you ever had one of those crazy mornings? Like REALLY crazy mornings? Of course you have – we all have. And probably not just one or two but we’ve all got our frequencies. For us, it’s about 2 a month…the kind where I’m pulling my hair out while trying to get Popo not to cry before she leaves for school. Not because I feel bad for her when that happens. More like I feel so guilty I can’t get any work done when she leaves. So yes, sending my daughter off to school happy is a selfish act for me.

The Re-Braided Braid

One of these really really bad days started with her going to sleep with a french braid in her hair which my sister had made. When she woke up she thought she looked like Elsa so of course she didn’t want to remake her hair. I convinced her that she looked like a monster from Where the Wild Things Are and proceeded to re-braid her hair. Of course “Mama didn’t do it right” and the water works started. After much huffing and puffing from the both of us, we made it downstairs for breakfast with something that represented a french braid.

The Buttered Uniform

Popo’s a good eater and when she was nearly finished with breakfast she does what? Drops a knife loaded with butter onto her uniform. Begin: waterworks episode number 2. Now here’s the thing for people who’s kids don’t wear uniforms to school: they’re annoying to iron and it’s not like you can just pull one out of the closet. It takes preparation. LUCKILY I had an extra one washed. So I ran, more like flew up the stairs to iron it to make sure she still got to school on time. On the way down I’m freaking out about the somewhat french braid that was about to be destroyed. Luckily when I came down, her dad had wiped the butter and convinced her that her uniform was still clean. Yes I was MORE than happy to send her in a dirty unifrom but a mildly good mood to school.

The Guitar Pick

Bad morning done? Nope. Enter disaster number 3. As I was convincing about her braid, I told her she could take olives to school with little colorful cocktail picks. Guess what? I couldn’t find the picks. And yes the waterworks started again. OMG. It just kept getting worse and worse. But super dad to the rescue again. What did he get? You know those dental picks with floss on one side? He told her it was a little guitar…so that she could play music while she ate her olives. And it worked. She believed him.

So she went to school with messy hair, a dirty uniform and a dental pick in her lunch box. She went to school after crying 3 times in one morning. But she went to school. And she went to school happy. Sometimes, no matter what the world may think you just gotta make it work for your family. Because that’s all that matters. That you’re able to keep those you love most as happy as possible (while remaining sane yourself).

Photo Credit: brent.hofacker via Compfight cc


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