Daily Life

Finding Peace in Different Places

I have a great mix of family and friends. They fall under all tags and titles: married/unmarried, kids/no kids, working/stay at home/work from home. The ones with kids have a whole range of parenting styles and yes I was once a typical judgemental mother until I came across a post about viewing it from the other mother’s shoes. It really hit me! We all judge and I decided to just stop. So liberating really – to each his own! Why take up my brain space with worrying about what others are doing. It works for them and that’s all that matters!

And so I’d like to take a minute today to point out all the different ways I know all these mothers find peace during their very hectic days. It doesn’t matter if they work or not, have one or ten kids. I’d like to tip my hat to all these women who manage to stay sane in ways that only work for them.

Taking a Nap After the Kids go to School

And why not! Do you remember how incredibly awesome you feel after taking a nap when “you’re not supposed to”? Have you ever noticed how women who do look so incredibly fresh as compared to those of us who don’t or can’t? For me, to go back to sleep after Popo goes to school is an option but I opt to work then. It’s my own choice. There are oh so many days where I wish I could just crawl back to bed (today being one of them) but the last time I did that I had a fever. That’s what it takes for me to take a break. So woohoo! to the women who take the nap they derve!

Going Out After Work Even Though The Kids Haven’t Seen Her All Day

Man the number of times I have said “Can you believe she did that? Go out to see a movie after being away all day?” But can I imagine the day she’s had? Or the trouble she’s having with her marriage? Or the amount of hair she’s losing from being stressed? No I can’t. So good for her to put herself first when she needs to! Maybe she’s not living the life that she was supposed to and maybe this is the only way she can get a feeling of what it’s like to be herself.

Sitting for 4 Hours at the Salon

I’d really love to know if you’re one of the women who manage to take the time out to this. Why? Cause I’m curious – come on, be brave and leave a comment below if you are. The last time I went to a salon I was blogging while the women was putting the hair mask in. I only get massages and facials when I go on vacation. But those women who take time out on the weekend and forget that the rest ofthe world exists – I secretly envy you. I wish I could turn off like that every now and then because frankly it’s healthy!

Sneaking out for a Smoke or Drink at Night

Gasp! You smoke?! And Drink?! After the kids have gone to bed! Isn’t that the first reaction that so many women (on this side of the world) have when they hear that a fellow mom destresses like this at the end of the day? And why is it so shocking? Because it’s bad for your health? Perhaps. But what about stress? Isn’t that a hundred times worse? I sure think so. So another woohoo! to the women who say “I don’t care what society think – this is what works for me”. Going against the status quo takes much bravery than many of us realize.

Yesterday I took a break from a very busy few weeks when I went to the doctors. While my eyes were being dialited I couldn’t write (though I sure as hell tried to write in a notebook). I just couldn’t focus – like physicaly focus on the lines. And that’s what it took me to take a break. A forced physcial push. And it shouldn’t be like that! All of us – no matter where we are in our peronal lives just need to stop and take a break for the madness of it all. If nothing else, do that for yourself this weekend.


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