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The Team Every Mom Should Have

This is a bragging post – I’m telling you in advance so please don’t read ahead unless you want to hear me toot my own horn. I don’t do it often, frankly because I think everyone has a right to brag so it’s nothing new one someone does it. We’re all pretty awesome in our own ways. But I feel the need to puff myself up a little bit right over the fact that my only child is becoming one of the best team mates I could possibly have in life.

This all stems from the “Big Thing” I talked about a few weeks ago. The big thing being we’re moving to Canada – like leaving Pakistan forever and making the maple leaf our home. I went through the same thing when I was about Popo’s age – my parents uprooted us when I was 4 and moved us to Alaska. In December. From an oven to a deep freezer. And that’s what we’re doing to Popo – from Karachi to Toronto. In December. Yes we’re a bit of a crazy family but that’s our strength.

So why do I feel the need to brag? Not because we’re moving. But because how Popo’s become my shadow in all the packing, tying loose ends and even wrapping up client work here. And we’re doing all this while we take turns falling sick because even though it’s still in the 30’s (C) here, it’s flu season. Yesterday we both took a nap because we both were unwell. We skipped a birthday and a play date which really sucks. But when we woke up, I made her snack and she made mine. Yes, my 4 yr old is making snacks for me. And we high fived each other afterwards and watched Ice Age together.

That’s just the beginning. She’s helping me sort her toys and pack them. Helping me sell them too. Takes a great deal of maturity for a 4 year old to do that. She’s also going with me for shopping trips because my sister decided to get married right before we leave. If you don’t live in a developing country you have no idea how challenging it can be to take a kid shopping. But she’s fabulous. Why? Because I bribe her with candies to get in the car and then bribe her again when I bring her home for 5 minutes. It works. Sure she just had dental work done but she’s happy and that’s what matters right?

She’s also coming with me for business meetings. In fact, I have a motivation speech coming up and I’m going to take her. Because she’s my motivation. I am the mom that succeeds at work and I’m the mom that watches cartoons with her and I’m the mom that plays tennis with her and I’m the mom that scolds her to bed at night. She’d rather play with me than her friends. And yes, everyone can freak out that this is attachment parenting at it’s peak (and worst) but frankly I believe that’s what a kid needs when you’re about to change everything that they know in their little world.

We’re talking about making puzzles and drinking hot chocolate while it snows outside. We’re dreaming about walking to school together and making new friends. I’m successfully pumping her up about the long trip ahead and there will be difficulties but we’ll overcome them because my 4 yr old is becoming my best friend. Sure, I’ll scold her again but I think that’s what a kid needs these days – a mom first and a best friend right afterwards.

I’m an awesome mom and I’ve got an awesome kiddo as my teammate. And if you’re a mom – you’ve got an awesome team too.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc


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