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The Magic Natural Cough Cure Everyone Should Know About

I’ve been away for the holidays. Away in a one way direction – busy moving countries. We’re sitting all the way in Toronto now and getting ready to face a blasting week of cold. Even the locals are stocking up their groceries so it’s not like we’re acting like newbies to the cold climate. We were lucky to have landed in a mild winter but unlucky in that the lack of cold brought on the worst flu season that Canada has seen in ten years. Me and Aaliyah have have been superbly sick and hubby is now following in our footsteps.

I kept saying to everyone that there was nothing we left behind in Pakistan that we couldn’t live without. But thanks to flu season, I realized there was ONE item that was a miracle solution to coughs that we desperately need – a natural remedy that works so well that I never used Vicks for Aaliyah until now. That miracle cure is:

Mustard Oil!

Not fed – but massaged onto the back, chest and feet. With a child that has had pneumonia twice I swear on all the delicious chocolate in the world that this is the best solution to a phlegmy cough. That’s not to say that you should stop your preferred medicines or nebulizing or inhalers. Do all the usual but along with that rub mustard oil on your kiddo’s chest, back and feet at night before they sleep. You’ll see an incredible difference.

While missing having mustard oil in the bedroom, I got curious about what other benefits it had other than being great for coughs and cooking. And I came up with not only benefits but some shocking warnings about it too!

1. Applying 1 or 2 drops of mustard oil to your belly button cures chapped lips. I tried this one and though I only did it for one night I actually felt the difference. OMG – the world is full of incredible things.

2. It’s supposedly great for the skin – for blemishes and as a natural sunscreen. I frankly would never use it because of the smell and heavy feel of the oil but hey, it’s a good fact to know.

3. It’s excellent for circulation and is often used as a massage oil for babies and children. Done right, it’s great for muscles which have gone numb or to stimulate muscle growth. I wish I knew this after my c-sections – I might have gotten feeling back to my muscles quicker.

4. It’s great for the hair because of the presences of key fatty acids. It stimulates circulation in scalp and strengthens the roots. Considering the state of my hair, I just might give this one a try.

The Controversy

There’s always too much of a good thing. And here’s the shocking fact about mustard oil that I discovered while doing this research:

Because of it’s high levels of erucic acid which has had toxic effects on animals at extremely high dosage mustard oil is not sold or imported in the US for cooking.

And here we’ve been using it by the cup load for wonder kababs! Like literally by the cup loads! In all fairness, it’s a recipe handed down over generations and the family line is still growing so I’m thinking how bad could it possibly be? But the decision to use it in cooking has to be yours and yours alone for your family. I will not try to convince you that it’s okay to cook with.

That said…IF you’ve got a sick little kiddo with a bad phlegmy cough, give a mustard oil massage a shot. I’d be very surprised if you didn’t see the difference in just a day or so.  Remember:

  • on the chest, back and feet
  • at night
  • and the chest covered afterwards

If you do try this out, let me know below and tell me if you feel it works or not. Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit: tibchris via Compfight cc


4 thoughts on “The Magic Natural Cough Cure Everyone Should Know About

  1. I need to find us some mustard oil… how does it work? Today I found out that pure Pineapple Juice is fab for breaking down phlegm – 5 times better than cough syrup. Hope your triangle is feeling better.


    • I had no idea about pineapple juice. Kinda makes sense with the acidity level though in the desi word we’d automatically assume that it would just give a sore throat!

      Thanks for the tip! Will try and yes – we’re better! 🙂


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