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My Baby’s a Big Girl but I Still Need My Baby

First she was a baby and I was too tired to appreciate her from lack of sleep, then she was a toddler and I was too tired to appreciate her from running after her. Now all of a sudden, she doesn’t need me anymore.

Yes this is one of those rants. Where I become one of those mothers who tell the rest to enjoy the all moments because they will pass in the blink of an eye. And they really do. When the moments pass, when your baby’s no longer climbing into your lap, when you no longer need to feed them every bite, when they silently disappear into their room and all you can wonder is “What are they doing in there?” you’ll wish you could rewind time and make them super tiny again.

I’ve started doing a number of really, really silly things. The kind where hubby looks at me and probably thinks “What’s wrong with you woman? Let the girl grow up already!”. I’m hoping some of you other mommy’s out there did some of the things below. I really hope I’m not the only loco one out there.

  1. want to put her clothes on. In fact I’ll beg her… “Please let mama put your shirt on for you!”. And then I give up because she won’t let me come anywhere near her.
  2. I wonder what to do with myself while she gets ready in the morning. All of a sudden I get ready a few minutes early because I’m not getting her ready anymore. Then I start looking around, wondering what can I start (and finish) in 5 minutes. I won’t ever really do anything and end up just watching her without even realizing it.
  3. I wish I could keep picking what toy she plays with, what clothes she wears or what music she listens to. In fact I really try to keep dictating her choices and then I realize that it’s a completely futile attempt because she now makes her own decisions.
  4. I make her sit in my lap when she watches TV and I’m siting down for a bit because in that moment she forgets how grown up she is and cuddles with me for a while before jumping away and going back to her big girl world.
  5. I wish I could physically bind her from getting bigger but I’m actually happy when she grows out of her clothes. I actually brag about it to my family and friends.

So, any takers? Any one else trying to hang on to their kids childhood in silly, crazy, totally motherly ways?


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