Pinterest Birthday Fails that Succeed

We’ve all come across them, the “Pinterest Fail” posts – and some of them are really really funny. I didn’t even know until I started writing this post that there was actually a whole site dedicated to them! PinterestFail puts them up with “ghastly details” and my favorite one for now has to be the “Swirl Cookies” because it seems like something I’d try and probably end up with.

Here’s a little confession:

I always imagined myself to be a flawless DIY’er. I mean, I crochet, I bake, I make jewelry, I draw, I’ve done woodworking and stained glass (not just painting but actual cutting with a glass cutter, soldering together and ending up with a hundred little cuts all over my plams), I know how to use a pottery wheel, I can sew if I want..the list goes on and on.

So it only makes sense that I can do ANYTHING I try right?

Wrong. Oh so very wrong.

To this day, even after all the fails I’ve had, I still am stupid brave enough to try new things on very big occasions. Like baking, frosting, and decorating 35 cupcakes for Popo’s 5th birthday to school. All this ended just yesterday and I’m still a bit conked out after baking, frosting, running out to get candy because we ran out of spider legs.

Yes, you read that right. Spider legs. Popo wanted a “Halloween Birthday” so we made spider cupcakes. Only they were pinkish orange instead of brown (the food dye didn’t go as planned) and had star eyes instead of red beady ones (cause I thought substitution would be so smart). Because of the pink and star element, they weren’t very scary looking.

But she thought they were awesome. And that’s why my fail was a success.

Ready to see what they were supposed to look like and the actual end result? Here:

Failed Pinterest Spider

Failed Pinterest Spider

And the 35 of them together:

Birthday Cupcakes for School

Birthday Cupcakes for School

Sorry for the smudgy pictures. I think i got sticky fingers on the camera lens.

In my defense, Hubby did make a lot of these. And he cut up all the legs. Maybe I could blame the funny looking spiders on him. Yeah – we’ll all believe that won’t we!

According to Popo, the kids kids loved the spiders. They thought they were real – kids and their imaginations. What can you say. But in the end, she was happy and that’s all that matters right? Failed pink spiders or not.

Happy birthday my darling. Maybe we’ll make purple ghosts next year.

Real Spider Cupcake Credit To: Bakerella

…and this is what she says about them

Some of the first cupcakes I ever tried to decorate were these spiders two Halloweens ago. The legs are licorice. They’re really easy to assemble.

…some people just make everything seem so easy.


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