Children. They completely flip your life upside down, right side up and then give it a few more shakes just for fun. One child, two, three or ten doesn’t really matter. Having a baby means your life has changed. And you’re okay with that. You’re happy with it. Most of the time.
Sarah Suhail - C

My name is Sarah Suhail and I used to be a pretty awesome consultant in a multinational firm. Then I had my baby girl back in 2010. I tried keeping that job while working from home and had time for everything – except smiling because I was so exhausted at the end of the day. Needless to say, my job took a toll on my marriage. So I quit.

Since then I’ve tried my hand at so many different things – making diaper cakes, boutique bows for little girls, freelancing with ELance. I finally found my spot as a Social Media and HR Strategist. And of course I love to write about everything that enters our precious only child world.


This is us on our last vacation – Phi Phi, Thailand. We went there for a last, big, tropical blast right before moving to Toronto. One of the many incredible things about having an only child – the ease of well, a lot. There are a ton of challenges too but they’re all another story.

Only children are not lonely. And they’re not spoiled, snotty brats either.

Cat Love
That’s what I think. My kid’s pretty awesome and I love our very tight knit 3 person family unit. Well kind of 4, since she now has Toothless as well. He’s a great cat, perfect for a demanding little girl. I honestly feel sorry for him every now and then but she loves him to pieces. And he can always hide under the sofa if he needs to. But he hasn’t so they must love each other equally.

We could have been a real family of 4 + 1 cat, but our son died 14 hours after he was born. 22 hours of labor, an emergency c-section, a beautiful baby boy and then nothing. Nothing at all. Once you loose a child that’s what you become – a shell of your former self. It took a lot to come out of that. It took Aaliyah. I wonder what kind of burden she’ll have to bear from having such broken parents. She’s our glue and that’s a lot of pressure on any child.

But, we’ll keep strengthening her and in turn making ourselves stronger. We’ll keep taking her on insanely crazy vacations and spoiling her while creating a good human being. We’ll keep having an awesome life with her while I share all my successes and failures of being a work from home entrepreneur, a mom, wife, cook, cleaning lady, play mate and everything else that comes up in between.

Live life big. It’s worth it.

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